Tulisa Sex Tape.

As many of you already know, and have seen, a sex tape of Tulisa and her ex boyfriend was uploaded online.

Tulisa and her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards aka Ultra were together for many years, during which they had ‘moments’. Unfortunately one of these moments was stupidly recorded and ended up online. She has been labelled a slag and has already lost the respect of many people.

Was it a publicity stunt, or something completely innocent?

Personally I think the video should have never been recorded, but looking at the bigger picture the fact that her ex-boyfriend for whatever reason took it upon him self to upload a private video and label her is just wrong and should have never happened. But this could happen to anyone.

Let’s be honest, hands up if you have never seen, sent or forwarded a picture or recording similar to Tulisa’s, whether you know the person or not.

Videos, recordings, pictures or screen munches related to any sexual interactions being sent round or showed to other people is wrong and immature, especially if you’re under 18 it then becomes illegal!

You didn’t know that did you? Yes it’s completely illegal. Recording or talking a picture of under age sex is child pornography and sending or sharing is distributing child pornography. You can press charges against anyone who records or sends these videos or pictures WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION, and if caught you will be prosecuted.

Another really annoying issue related to videos is blackmail.

Blackmailing someone because you have a picture or recording, c’mon, really? Why would you want to do that, the person either trusted you to let you record it and you’re breaking that trust or you recorded or took the picture without the other person knowing and now threatening them that ‘you will expose them’. Like I said, it’s illegal and you will be prosecuted, why go through all the hassle? Just DON’T DO IT.

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