What if…? What would you do?

Has someone ever tried to get you to do something you knew was bad for you? Like taking naked pictures of yourself and even sharing them?

We wanted to look at how we might react if someone asked us to do it and why we might consider it. Instead of just saying no!

These are some of the reasons we might do it:

  • To boost your self-esteem and make a boy like you
  • You feel secure and safe enough to do it because you’re in a long relationship
  • You think you’re hot and you don’t mind people seeing your pics
  • To shut up haters and show you can do it
  • To get attention

Follow your gut instinct

It’s that feeling you get when you know straight away, deep down, what you should do. It’s usually right.

Let’s look at some “What Ifs”. What would your gut feeling be? What’s the right thing to do?

What if I wanted to send naked pictures of myself to my boyfriend because I love him?

It’s all good between you now, but what if you split up and he shares your pics? Or if you don’t ever split up, what if someone nicks his phone or finds them? The second you take any pics, you’ve lost control of them and anyone could see them.

There are lots of other ways to show him you love him. Tell him how you feel, get him a gift, set up a nice surprise for him. But don’t put yourself or your reputation at risk.

Is this right? What would you do?

What if I’ve sent a picture of myself and regret it?

Ok, so you’ve already sent a photo. Try and take back control as much as you can. Talk to the person you sent it to and see if they will delete it. Find out if they’ve shared it.

If you think your picture has already been shared, tell an adult who you trust and get them to help you. If you know it’s already on a website, ask for it to be removed.

Try to move forward – you made one mistake, and you’re trying to put it right. Remember that it’s against the law to send or distribute indecent pictures of people under 18.

What if I got hold of pictures someone had taken of themself? Who would I speak to?

Tell an adult you trust and delete the picture. Never, ever share it. Think what you would want someone to do if they got a picture of you. You’d want them to get rid of it and never share it. In fact it’s illegal to have in your possession an indecent picture of a minor (under18) and even more serious to distribute (share) it. Find out more about why sharing these pics is against the law.

Do you think these chat up lines are appropriate?

What if my boyfriend sent me a picture of his ex-girlfriend and asked me to share them?

Think about how you would feel if he did that to you. Tell an adult you trust that he has the picture and if you think it’s safe to, tell the girl as well, so she knows what he is doing. You should never share pictures of anyone else; in fact people can even be prosecuted for doing this.

What if my current boyfriend asked to take a picture of me?

Follow your gut instinct. Would you want anyone else to see the picture? As soon as someone takes a picture of you, it’s out of your control. Anyone can get hold of it even if your boyfriend doesn’t mean to give it to anyone. Someone could get hold of his phone.

If he really cares about you and respects you he will know this and he won’t ask you.

How would you feel?

What if a boy took a naked picture of himself and sent it to me?

Tell the boy to stop texting you, delete the photo and tell an adult you trust. Remember you should never share naked pictures of other people. You can even be prosecuted for it.


A Victim’s Story

The story from a girl who had a photo of her passed around the school and the impact that it had upon her life.


Be prepared

Sometimes it feels like you have to do certain things, be a certain way or say certain stuff to make people like you. And it can be hard to think if someone’s stressing you out. So have a think now what you would do.


  • Go with your gut instinct
  • Speak to an appropriate adult or a friend who’s advice you can rely on
  • People who really care about you won’t ask you to do bad stuff
  • Stick to your guns and don’t let someone change your mind


  1. She done a bad thing taken pictures off herself either way most boys do do that and it is hurtful getting called slag . sad and so on …
    but at the end of the day dicuss something with a teacher, parent or police!!!

  2. Alisha

    In fact, I agree. She shouldn’t be thinking about stuff like this anyway.

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