What is Normal?

We've created three storyboards to look at situations that could occur in your relationship.

For each scenario you get to choose what you would do.

Recently the Government changed the official definition of domestic violence, lowering the age range to include anyone over the age of 16. The Government's aim is ' to increase awareness that young people in this age-group do experience domestic violence and abuse.'

At Oii My Size we are seeking to raise awareness our own way, click on one of the storyboards below to get started…

Would you stay or go?
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Go home with boyfriend or go to the park with your friend?
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What would you do?
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What is normal?

Teen Equality

Graphic derived from a resource by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project

Non-Threatening Behaviour

  • Talking to each other
  • Both having space to express opinions
  • Feeling safe and comfortable around each other


  • Listening to each other
  • Listening to each others opinions

Trust and Support

  • Supporting each other
  • Respecting how you each feel

Honesty and Accountability

  • Owning up when you are wrong
  • Accepting mistakes
  • Being honest and real


  • Supporting each other to achieve goals
  • Having fun together

Shared Power

  • Having an equal relationship
  • Talking through problems and decisions together


  • Talking to each other
  • Reaching agreements together


  • Having fair and realistic expectations of each other
  • Being respected